Regional Finanace - Agent harrassing me on my job

Greenville, South Carolina 0 comments
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Regional Finance Co (a loan co) harassing me on my job by coming to my job. I've had a loan with them for some time now, I was in there on Friday August 31 to make a payment on one of the two loans that I have with them, I told them that I couldn't make the next payment until I got paid on the 11th, they continue to harass me, I know that for a fact that's against the law, as in 15USCS Section 1692, I know that I owe this loan, but I have other bills to and they expect me to pay them instead of my other bills. I have a job and try and pay all my bills on time but when they continue to harass me, it gets very depressing...

Regional Finanace - Neutral so far - time will tell - Just got notice for a job lay off

Ellenwood, Georgia 0 comments

When my company inform me of the job lay off and i was one of the staff being laied off; i telephone Regional Finanace to inquire about re calculating my payment.I was told a FLAT NO; without any further conversation.

Whatever happen to companies trying to assist when consumers are willingly to make it all possible to make payments to stay ahead.

I have spoken to the dealership for some assistant to help me speak with someone and all they say is; this company is apart of BB&T.They said call the company again to speak with someone.

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